House Edge

1) The formidable House Edge

The house edge literally refers to the edge that the house or the casino has over anyone who dares to gamble. No matter what short-term profits or losses that the gambler may incur, in the long-term, the casino always wins the war of profits and losses. If you’re good with mathematical calculations, you can predict the house edge on the different games.

2) Play by the Rules

Play by the Rules

No matter what game you’re gambling on and what casino you’re at, make sure that you know the rules and play by it. Each casino has the liberty to tweak the rules as they please. In gambling, one mistake could cost you money, so every gambler must make sure that they know the rules!

3) Free Drinks

If you think you can make up for the money you’ve lost gambling in a casino by taking advantage of the free drinks these very casinos provide, then you might want to reconsider. These free drinks exist to make sure that your decision making and judgement skills are impaired so that you don’t make a lot of money in the games.

4) Table games vs Machine games

Slot machines have easy rules that are simple to understand. However, table games such as black jack are harder to understand with difficult rules. One might think that it is easier to win money on the slot machines. However, this is not true. This is because the house edge is greater in machine games and lower in table games.


5) Classes in the casino

Most casinos offer to teach people how to play their games. This comes in handy to learn the rules of table games where you have a greater chance in gaining money.

6)  Always tip

Everyone who works in a casino survives through the amount that they are tipped by various customers. So, in you plan on spending some time in a casino make sure you tip people for their services including the cocktail waitress and even the dealer at your table.

7) Rules of etiquette

There are many rules of etiquette in a casino including tipping. Some casinos have common etiquette rules such as never handing the dealer money as well as never count your money on the table. Specific games can have their specific rules of etiquette as well.

8) Budget


It is always wise to budget before any trip, however more so necessary when you go gambling. People usually underestimate the expense of their trip. Therefore, make sure you have multiple budgets, including one for travel expense, food and a separate one for gambling.

9) Beware of cheaters and cheating

Most people lie and cheat excessively in games like blackjack and poker. Always keep an eye out on everyone at the table so that you don’t lose too much money on the table.

10) Good Customer service

There may be many things wrong with a casino. However, one thing that can’t be denied is its incredible customer service that makes people feel welcomed and stay longer and gamble more.


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